Author: Mark

‘Chain Bluey Loose’

‘Chain Bluey Loose’ My very good friend Rudy Manz of Laidley, retired farmer, button accordian enthusiast and terrific yarnteller has the following great tale:  ‘I vos out in der paddock vorking and I haff a spell so I sits me downs unter the shades of de barbed vire fence’ and den […]

Button Accordion Styles

  Button Accordian Styles of the Vienna system button accordian (C, G, C-F, G-C, A-D, G-C-F etc) After many years closely observing many traditional diatonic button accordion players throughout eastern Australia and parts of South Australia, with a particular emphasis on southern Queensland it was possible to reach some conclusions based […]

‘The Tiger Schnake’

‘THE TIGER SCHNAKE’   I vos working vit Bill Grady und Shack Wilson on de flat Ve shoushed abbot an acre oot vit Shemmy Bill und Pat Ve didn’t makes no vortunes, but vhat I vant to tell Vos about von pig tiger schnake, dat shashed me quick as vell. […]

‘Vindjammers’ – the button accordion or Squeezebox in German-Queensland Culture!

‘Vindjammers’ – the button accordion or Squeezebox in German-Queensland Culture!     Unknown squeezebox player with accompanying violin player.  Photograph from the Lockyer Valley. And of course when it comes to German settlers and their unique and traditional music we cannot forget the old ‘Vindjammer’, or button accordion (squeezebox).  Nearly […]

Old Augie

OLD AUGIE (by Mark Schuster) Open the squeezebox bellows, parchment dry and stiff, Lift the stops, breathe back the lives of the aged pioneers Men and women, not forgetting the kinder Show us of modern times their ways. Slab hut, bread oven, shingle barns The patchwork of paddock, brigalow and […]

Music from my Heimatland

MUSIC FROM MY HEIMATLAND: Queensland is Different!! By Mark Schuster (Toowoomba, Qld) Although it was early June 1999, the familiar pale blue glare stung the eyes and the slanting rays of late afternoon sunlight still held their characteristic sting.  Shedding my coat at Brisbane airport the soft light and verdant […]

Ringing Strings of the Burnett

Ringing Strings of the Burnett: The German-Queensland Zither Tradition For more than two decades I have sought out and recorded the unique German-Queensland musical traditions of the farming communities in southern Queensland.  I had the wonderful opportunity to savour and record the ‘tail end’ of a once enormous tradition of […]

German Brass Band Traditions

German Brass Band Traditions ‘The Toowoomba German Band had a practice hut strategically placed in Flegler’s vineyard, no doubt to make the lubricating of the players’ tonsils easy when the needs arose’  Photograph shows Herr Frederick Kretschmar, famous Toowoomba bandsman in the centre back of the picture. (from the late […]