The Master Player – Alf Radunz

The Master Player – Alf Radunz Alf Radunz (1910-1996) was arguably the greatest button accordian player in Queensland. Fifteen out of his sixteen brothers and sisters could play an instrument- the other could only play the gramophone! Alf grew up in the Coolabunia district, just outside Kingaroy, in southeast Queensland. […]

Button Accordion Styles

  Button Accordian Styles of the Vienna system button accordian (C, G, C-F, G-C, A-D, G-C-F etc) After many years closely observing many traditional diatonic button accordion players throughout eastern Australia and parts of South Australia, with a particular emphasis on southern Queensland it was possible to reach some conclusions based […]

‘Vindjammers’ – the button accordion or Squeezebox in German-Queensland Culture!

‘Vindjammers’ – the button accordion or Squeezebox in German-Queensland Culture!     Unknown squeezebox player with accompanying violin player.  Photograph from the Lockyer Valley. And of course when it comes to German settlers and their unique and traditional music we cannot forget the old ‘Vindjammer’, or button accordion (squeezebox).  Nearly […]

Waltz Of Vienna

This popular old dance tune is a real favourite in the German-derived farming communities in southern Queensland – it could be termed a real classic.  The Waltz of Vienna is a stately dance and the tune is lovely and flowing.  Here played on button accordion by Mark Schuster with accompanying […]