Exorcising the Swine!

Exorcising the Swine Many of the early settlers had troubles with their pigs – particularly with differences from the ‘old country’ and getting used to farming ways and techniques more suitable for the new land. One well known incident concerns the Marburg congregation and the well-loved Pastor Temme who ministered […]

Snakes Alive!

Snakes Alive – Serpents and the German-Queensland Settlers   The new settlers to Queensland were not at all familiar with snakes, Germany being home to only a few small and harmless species. In the bush of Queensland I’m sure they thought they must be surviving in a ‘living hell’, populated […]

‘Chain Bluey Loose’

‘Chain Bluey Loose’ My very good friend Rudy Manz of Laidley, retired farmer, button accordian enthusiast and terrific yarnteller has the following great tale:  ‘I vos out in der paddock vorking and I haff a spell so I sits me downs unter the shades of de barbed vire fence’ and den […]