Poem: Upon the Gowrie Plain

A Railway Tragedy: Upon the Gowrie Plain   Upon the Dalby railway line the damage had been great, Long strips of ballast washed away – all in a dangerous state. And though the traffic had been stopped an engine had to run For gangs of laborers to repair the havoc […]

Did You Effer?

Did you Effer Did you effer seen some leetle poodle dog Dat vas schnoodled oop so shnug upon a mat? Did you seen some sheeps in clover, or a hog Vhat could hardly valk around himself for fat? Did you effer seen a cat vhat caught a mouse? Or a […]

Old Augie

OLD AUGIE (by Mark Schuster) Open the squeezebox bellows, parchment dry and stiff, Lift the stops, breathe back the lives of the aged pioneers Men and women, not forgetting the kinder Show us of modern times their ways. Slab hut, bread oven, shingle barns The patchwork of paddock, brigalow and […]