Dat First Soot!

Dat first Soot! (From Norm Rachow,Beenleigh)   Oh, dat first soot of trousers – dere vas sooch a fuss! Uncle Karl und Aunt Charlotte vas staying by us!- Und poor Grandpa sat up in his chair – he vas ill Mit his legs full of gout – I remember it […]

Poem: Upon the Gowrie Plain

A Railway Tragedy: Upon the Gowrie Plain   Upon the Dalby railway line the damage had been great, Long strips of ballast washed away – all in a dangerous state. And though the traffic had been stopped an engine had to run For gangs of laborers to repair the havoc […]

Poem – Nach Bethanien

This German poem originates in the Barossa valley, South Australia.  It is spoken in the ‘Barossa Deutsch’ dialect.  Norm Stiller of Gulugaba recited it to me.  His family travelled from South Australia to Downfall Creek, northwest of Miles in 1909.  This poem was a cultural remnant of their earlier pioneering […]

Did You Effer?

Did you Effer Did you effer seen some leetle poodle dog Dat vas schnoodled oop so shnug upon a mat? Did you seen some sheeps in clover, or a hog Vhat could hardly valk around himself for fat? Did you effer seen a cat vhat caught a mouse? Or a […]