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Welcome To GermanyDownunder

Deutschland Downunder This website and the information and resources contained here is a culmination of a dream and passion to research and document the cultural vestiges and folkways of the German-Queensland pioneer ways. The research has involved many years of talking and getting to know the people, recording and documenting […]

The German-Queenslanders – A Celebration

The German-Queenslanders – A Celebration The Cultural Contribution Since the 1850s until the present time German immigrants and their descendants, the German-Queenslanders, have made and are still making an enormous and significant contribution to the cultural landscape of our great State. Our early German pioneers brought their ‘cultural baggage’, folkways […]

Andy Grant – A Tribute

ANDY – A Tribute to my dear late friend, Andy Grant Andrew Gilbert Grant in reflective pose (photograph by the late Lionel O’Keefe) Is it really possible to convey to you, the reader, the many aspects that makes a relationship alive, the smiles, the laughs and the good times spent […]

Queensland’s German Connections – New Book!

  Publication of “Queensland’s German connections”   This three-year project has come to fruition with the publication and official launch of the bookQueensland’s German connections: past, present and future – 170 years strong (1842-2012). A magnificent, full-colour work with almost 600 illustrations in its 376 pages, the book examines a broad […]

Australian Button Accordion Styles

  Button Accordian Styles of the ”Vienna system” button accordion (C, G, C-F, G-C, A-D, G-C-F)     After many years closely observing many traditional diatonic button accordion players throughout eastern Australia and parts of South Australia, with a particular emphasis on southern Queensland it was possible to reach some conclusions based on […]

ALWAYS AFTERNOON: Trial Bay, German Internment and the German-Australian Community – A Question of Belonging, Loyalty and Country

by Mark Schuster (Brisbane, QLD)     ‘Day in day out, nothing but this terrible ancestral castle, the sea and nothing but the sea, and the overwhelming unfulfilled yearning for freedom and our home country.’  (Martin Trojan, 1922) How did a large number of German internees and a small local […]