German ‘Heimat’ Tune – Netz family orchestra

German ‘Heimat’ Tune – Netz family orchestra

(Recording made by Bill Netz, Monto, early 1960s)

A good example of the Netz family playing a lovely old German instrumental piece.  This old ‘Heimat’ tune is played by Phillip Netz on zither with other family members accompanying.  A real classic, never to be heard again from the Upper Burnett district.

Press Play for song preview.



  1. Max & Thel NETZ

    Please contact us.

  2. Jeffrey Harpeng

    G’day Mark,
    I have been compiling a family history, and recently borrowed his mother’s photo album of shots from the 30s and 40s and there are a bunch of shots of my father: Otto and his friends taken in and around Coolana. Sadly Alma put no details on the backs of her shots. Among the Otto’s friends I believe there is Ron Kerle who went to school with Otto and Alma Harpeng and played at the wedding reception when my parents were married.
    Oddly,there are no shots of Fred Harpeng playing his bandoneon, though there is one of, who I believe to be Mervyn Wendt playing the bandoneon. He went out with Alma for four years, during the war, and there is another of a woman, (I think taken at Emil Harpeng’s place at Wivenhoe Pocket)
    playing the bandoneon. Not sure, but it could be one of Emil’s daughters.
    All that said, I was wondering if you would be able to recognise photos of a young Ron Kerle, if indeed he is one of those in the pics.
    Fred Harpeng’s squeezebox is currently with Phillip Kraut’s sister Karen. According to Phillip, Ron Kerle always wanted to get his hands on that bandoneon. One time he had a go at it but didn’t get a tune out of it, what with the keys & buttons being different to an accordion.
    The Kraut’s are allowing me to use the photos for the family history I am compiling. Perhaps you might recognise a young Ron, though Phillip who knew Ron wasn’t sure who was in the his mother’s album.
    I will have to contact Phillip if you are interested in seeing any of the pics.
    I hope this opening gambit my lead to productive outcomes for both of us.
    Regards Jeff Harpeng

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